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The project

Your future, here and now

Two buildings, each with 11 bespoke 1 to 3 bdrm apartments (60 to 200 m2) with large terraces.

Flexible 3 to 6 bdrm homes (180 to 250 m2) ready to fit in with your future.

Houses & apartments

The Houses

Property Surface house Surface terrace Plan
LOT 6-A 194m² 21m² Testimonial
LOT 6-B 252m² 21m² Sold
LOT 6-C 194m² 21m² Sold
LOT 6-D 252m² 21m² Sold
LOT 7-A 188m² 20m² PDF
LOT 7-B 195m² 20m² PDF
LOT 7-C 182m² 21m² PDF
LOT 7-D 186m² 21,2m² PDF
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The Apartments

Property Surf. apart. Surface terrace Plan
LOT 4-A01 53m² 24m² PDF
LOT 4-A02 107m² 40m² PDF
LOT 4-A03 109m² 19m² Sold
LOT 4-A04 67m² 22m² Sold
LOT 4-A11 141m² 19m² PDF
LOT 4-A12 107m² 12m² Sold
LOT 4-A13 109m² 19m² Sold
LOT 4-A21 141m² 17m² Sold
LOT 4-A22 107m² 20m² Sold
LOT 4-A23 109m² 20m² PDF
LOT 4-A31 181m² 181m² PDF
LOT 4-B01 59m² 31m² PDF
LOT 4-B02 107m² 46m² Sold
LOT 4-B03 109m² 35m² Sold
LOT 4-B04 57m² 14m² Sold
LOT 4-B11 141m² 22m² Sold
LOT 4-B12 59m² 31m² Sold
LOT 4-B13 109m² 19m² Sold
LOT 4-B21 141m² 21m² Sold
LOT 4-B22 107m² 20m² PDF
LOT 4-B23 109m² 20m² Sold
LOT 4-B31 181m² 188m² Sold
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Living at Closeries de Verrewinkel

The Closeries du Verrewinkel are ideally located in Uccle, in a much sought-after neighbourhood at the end of Avenue du Prince d’Orange, corner of Avenue Dolez and Rue Engeland, half-way between Fort Jaco and St Job square.

Just minutes from the Closeries: ring road, exclusive shops, renowned Belgian and international schools, Sonian forest, Verrewinkel wood, leisure centres, train stations (10 minutes from Schuman and the city centre) and public transport.